The Home Improvement Guaranty Fund. This pool of money was created and is replenished from annual assessments of registered realtor , and can be used to help satisfy buying first home to a homeowner. A homeowner may be eligible for up to $5,000 from the Fund if he or she had hired a registered home improvement contractor and registered realtor .

Applications for reimbursement from the guaranty fund must be submitted a minimum of thirty (30) days after Closing buying a House

You must provide the following documentation to substantiate your claim:

  1. Copy of your home improvement contract
  2. Recommendation Letter from The realtor
  3. Copy of your buying contract
  4. Application Form

Please fill out the Guaranty Fund application online by typing directly into the document, then print and email it with the required documentation to:


Pimp Your House Right – 3 Home Improvement Tips for First-time Homeowners

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